1221 Wheels

A wheel brand built on amazing designs, uncompromising quality, advanced materials, innovative manufacturing techniques, and continuous improvement

1221 is a brand focused on seamlessly integrating timeless design with innovative technical details and superior manufacturing. Their styles and wheel lines provide a look that will be fresh today and relevant for years to come, along with quality that will last.

Owned by Metal FX Motorsports Inc., a family operated California based machining facility, 1221 is backed by the best manufacturing in the business. Metal FX has been at the forefront of forged wheel production since its founding, and is known for creating innovative solutions, efficiencies, and unmatched quality.

STandard FINISH | Solid powder with gloss or matte clear

Under vises eksempler på standard finish

Solid Gloss Silver

Solid Gloss Gunmetal

Solid Gloss Black

Solid Gloss Titanium

Solid Gloss Gold

Solid Gloss Bronze

Solid Matte Silver

Solid Matte Gunmetal

Solid Matte Black

Solid Matte Titanium

Solid Matte Gold

Solid Matte Bronze


Under vises eksempler på “premium” finish (ekstra kostnad tilkommer)

Brushed Gloss Clear

Brushed Gloss Gunmetal

Brushed Gloss Smoke

Brushed Gloss Titanium

Brushed Gloss Gold

Brushed Gloss Bronze

Brushed Gloss Red

Brushed Gloss Blue

PREMIUM FINISH | Ceramic Paint

Under vises eksempler på “premium” finish (ekstra kostnad tilkommer)

Ceramic Silver

Ceramic Gunmetal

Ceramic Black

Ceramic Titanium

Ceramic Gold

Ceramic Bronze